Thursday, June 17, 2010

Different between Humans and Animals

What are you thinking now?
Are you in Instinct Thinking or Scientific Thinking?
Instinct Thinking is following the felling. The system is giving to you; the system is call reaction system. That system is OK if you have family or under control of your Parents. That system is good but has many limitations. Not enough for survive.
2. Scientific Thinking is thinking about your real life.

Animals are very fast to develop but our human are very slow to develop.
Animal and Human... Every thinking system has five parts.
1. Goals
2. Thinking about our self
3. Relationship
4. Collect the information
5. Action.

1. What is your Goal?
Human being has goal, animal also has goal.
Animal goal is survive for their life.
Our human being goal is not should be survived. Human being goal is should be every kinds, every times, everywhere and every life need to be happy.
Why the animal goal is for survive?
Because it is cut off from parents too early.
Why Human is no need to survive?
Because human is under control of parents until 18 or 21 years.
So, what should be your goal? Our goal is should be how to achieve for living happy life all the times
If you have big goal, your mind will giving to you big power.
If you have small goal, your mind will giving to you small power.
2. What do you think about Your Self?
Animal don't have mental problem, but human being have mental problem.
Animal not feel shy, our human has.
For e.g.: Sometime when you’re studying your doing wrong something, Teacher calls you and said "STUPID". So, what will you think about yourself?
Do you accept yourself I am a stupid?

All human being are equal. If you look down yourself it can affect in your life.
So, If you look down yourself how will you feel? Will you feel happy, joyful, glad and in good spirits? You can't feel that you will you feel shy, sad, depress and blue, these all are can affect your life and can delay develop your life.
All human being are equal. Anything you have ability to learn. We all need to be good foundation.
3. Why do we need to be Good Relationship with other?
Because I am not alone in the world, even animal also have friends. If your truthful person you will do badly to other. To get merry is very easy but it is not easy to build a happy Family. And also to make a friend is very easy but not easy make a friend for your hold life. The important is needed to make a good friend for a long time in your life.
4. How do you Collect Information?
Animal can collect information by only five senses.
But if human collect the information by only five senses will not get the correct answer. That is why our human being must collect information by six senses.
Collect Of information-
Animal- five sense + no brain or don't know how to use the brain.
Human- five senses + third eye or brain.
Because sometime you hear, see, smell, touch and feel. These five senses are not enough for human to solve and know everything so you have to use your brain. The brain is call third eye.
If you use six you can collect the correct information.
5. What is your Action to achieve your goal?

To be continue...
I just share what I know...
Please correct my mistakes.

Saw Alias

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