Friday, June 18, 2010

A Snakes's Last Breath

I'm dying to eat something
I swam for many hours.
Wild Nargis made me do thirsty even
my throat was dry as desert.
How long will I have to stay with empty stomach?
I needed food, not corpse were inert.
If not, I'll die twice, like in might.
Nothing around me, except a motionless human in comma.
He had slung to me white I swam in the waves of flood.
People hate me, because of my POISON.
I never harm them if they do not disturb me.
I am not a saint, but I never betray my soul's sake.
Now, I feel happier to face my last hour.
I saved a life.
Even I, a snake was not selfish.
I would like to say people in different with me.
I call for entire would till my last breath come at last.
Here, relief is needed urgently.
Not me, but those still alive.
I'll die very soon or night.

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